43rd Cambridge Beer Festival Wine List

Please note that all the beers ordered are subject to availability and therefore may not be at the festival. We aim to have the vast majority of these beers available at all the sessions. However, the nature of real ale means that some beer will not be ready at the start of the festival, and the nature of our thirsty customers means that not all beers will be available at the end of the festival. Whilst we will endeavour to update this information, this may not always be feasible.

  • Bolney Estate Lychgate Red 12.5% Medium bodied dry red with juicy plum and berry flavours.
  • Chilford HallLinton, Cambs Blush 2014 10.5% Dry rosé with ripe strawberries on the palate and a long smooth finish.
  • Chilford Hundred 2011 12.0% Sparkling wine with grapefruit and lime zest on the palate.
  • Chilford Hundred Sparkling Pinot Noir 2013 12.0% Grapefruit, lime and orange zest flavours.
  • Müller-Thurgau Reichensteiner 2013 11.0% Lemon, lime and elderflower aromas with a lingering finish of ripe pear.
  • Müller-Thurgau Schönburger 2013 11.0% Pale straw coloured white wine bursting with grapefruit and lime flavours.
  • Müller-Thurgau Siegerrebe 11.0% Green apple and pear flavours with a raisin and marzipan bouquet.
  • Ortega Reichensteiner 2013 11.0% Melon and pear flavours lead to a long dry finish.
  • Dedham ValeBoxted, Colchester, Essex Demi Sec Sparkling Rosé Wine 2013 12.0% Crisp and refreshing with strawberry aromas.
  • Mayflower 2014 12.0% Dry white wine with peach flavours.
  • Reserve 2013 10.5% Ruby red medium bodied wine with red berry aromas.
  • Rosé 2014 11.0% Light and refreshing medium dry rosé.
  • Sparkling English Brut 2013 12.0% Fresh fruit flavours and yeasty overtones.
  • Elysian FieldsEly, Cambs Acolon 2014 11.0% Light and fruity dry red wine with cherry and plum flavours.
  • Bacchus 2013 10.5% Medium dry gentle floral notes and a dash of citrus.
  • Pinot Noir 2013 10.5% Off-dry rosé with crisp acidity with hints of strawberry and peach on the palate.
  • Giffords HallSuffolk Bacchus 2014 11.0% Dry with tropically extravagant fruit flavours.
  • Light Oak 2014 11.5% Lightly oaked dry with a slightly buttery finish.
  • Madeleine Angevine 2014 11.5% Very dry, crisp and refreshing.
  • Rosé 2014 11.5% Crisp acidity with a strawberry bouquet white fruit and floral accents.
  • Sparkling Brut 2013 12.0% Subtle hints of pear and hazelnuts with a biscuity dry finish.
  • St Edmundsbury 2014 11.0% Chunky red with loads of fruit and a heavy mouthfeel.
  • Warden AbbeyCardington, Bedford The Founder 2013 12.0% White flower fragrances green apple and peach flavours.
  • The Nonconformist 2014 ?.?% Apricot and tropical fruits on the palate.

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