9th Cambridge Octoberfest Beer List

Please note :-
That all the beers ordered are subject to availability and therefore may not be at the festival.
We aim to have the vast majority of these beers available at all the sessions.
However, the nature of real ale means that some beer will not be ready at the start of the festival, and the nature of our thirsty customers means that not all beers will be available at the end of the festival.
The Cambridge Octoberfest is a small festival and thus it is unlikely that the status information will be updated once we have taken delivery of the beers.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.

  • B & TShefford, Beds est. 1982 Black Squirrel 3.9% Dark brown mild, with a malty sweetness balanced by a bit of tartness and a hint of nuts. Sold Out
  • BrentwoodBrentwood, Essex est. 2006 Pacific Pale 4.7% Pale ale with hops from the Pacific region, with aromas and flavours of strawberries, melon, a hint of resin, and a lingering bitterness. Sold Out
  • Spooky Moon 3.8% A dark brown bitter with a sweet fruity finish, balanced with just the right level of bitterness. Sold Out
  • Burning SkyFirle, E. Sussex est. 2013 Aurora 5.6% Pale ale with a satisfying blend of malts to provide a juicy backbone and a pale amber colour. Sold Out
  • CloudwaterManchester est. 2015 Autumn Wheat 6.0% Initial aroma of banana leads to subtly fruity and spicy flavours, and a rich mouth feel. Sold Out
  • Bitter 4.3% A hop extravaganza, with hints of pear, pine, and hop bitterness against a resinous background. Crisp and light, a reminder of summer. Sold Out
  • Pale 3.9% Bright, dry and easy drinking with an assertive bitterness. Sold Out
  • Porter 6.0% Robust, very dark beer towards the dry end of the porter scale, with strong roast malt notes and a bit of smoke in the background. Sold Out
  • ColchesterWakes Colne, Essex est. 2011 Metropolis 3.9% A superb golden hoppy beer, with enormous depth of flavour and a long spicy finish. Sold Out
  • Concrete Cow Milton Keynes, Bucks est. 2007 Dirty Cow 5.0% Innovative fusion of naturally cloudy weiss bier and American Pale Ale. Sweet banana, spicy clove and powerful tangy flavour-packed New World hops. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Fenny Popper 4.0% A golden bitter single hopped with American Cascade, offering all the zest and citrusy flavours this hop gives. Sold Out
  • Crafty BeersGreat Wilbraham, Cambs est. 2012 Sauvignon Blonde 4.4% Aromatic golden ale brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand, which create characteristics reminiscent of the Kiwis' most famous wine. Sold Out
  • Fallen BrewingKippen, Stirling and Falkirk est. 2014 Sleeper Pils 5.3% Premium Pilsner dry-hopped with US hops for a big fresh hop aroma, giving crisp floral and citrus flavours. Sold Out
  • Gyle 59Thorncombe, Dorset est. 2013 Halcyon Daze 5.0% This wheat beer has a depth of flavour to satisfy any wheat beer lover. The gentle spicy kick from the coriander combines beautifully with the rich fruity notes produced by the yeast and hops. Unfined. Sold Out
  • The Rye Saisonnier 4.1% Refreshing, spicy beer with green hops. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Toujours 4.0% This is a Saison. It has its roots in a long tradition of Belgian farmhouse ales. The mixture of Pale and Vienna malts combine with three different English and German hops to perfectly complement the earthy, peppery and spicy yeast flavours. Unfined. Sold Out
  • MilestoneCromwell, Notts est. 2004 Oktoberfest 4.2% Autumnal colour, and fruity and spicy flavours lead to a malty finish. Sold Out
  • Taeberry Bock 4.5% German style bock beer with fresh taeberries. Sold Out
  • MiltonWaterbeach, Cambs est. 1999 Medusa 4.6% Strong mild. Cocoa, vanilla and fruitcake aromas are backed by a satisfying yet subtle bitterness. Very drinkable. Sold Out
  • Yaffle 4.6% Fresh pale ale stacks flavours of citrus hops and crisp malt between its bookends. Sold Out
  • MoonshineFulbourn, Cambs est. 2004 6th Moon: Pilsner 5.5% Brewed on June's full moon. A subtle aroma conceals flavours of plum and berries with a matching sweetness in this pale Continental-style beer. Unfined. Sold Out
  • 7th Moon: Raspberry Wheat 4.5% Brewed on July's full moon. Raspberries lend colour and flavour to this crisp, light-bodied beer. Sold Out
  • Red SquirrelSarratt, Herts est. 2004 Red Rascal 5.5% American style red ale with strawberry & melon notes influenced by a good helping of American hops, underpinned by some German Hop influence. Sold Out
  • Rooster'sKnaresborough, N. Yorks Behemoth 7.2% IPA brewed with Simcoe, Centennial, Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic and Amarillo added during the boil and during the latter stages of fermentation. Sold Out
  • SaffronHenham, Essex est. 2006 Humour Me 5.5% Biscuit in the nose carries over to the flavour, with a honey sweetness to accompany the malt. Sold Out
  • Son of SidLittle Gransden, Cambs est. 2007 Bee Sting 3.6% This golden bitter is refreshing and "citrafied". It acts as a soothing balm and was developed specifically with the needs of the springtime amateur apiarist in mind. Sold Out
  • Fine Ale Furlong 4.3% Gentle amber bitter with smooth taste and texture Sold Out
  • Three Blind MiceLittle Downham, Cambs est. 2014 Half Wit 4.2% Hoppy witbier, with flavours of orange, coriander, and spices. Sold Out
  • Sinister Finger 7.2% Double black IPA featuring a rich sweet malt base hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, Columbus and Summit hops. Sold Out
  • TicketyBrewStalybridge, Greater Manchester est. 2013 Dunkelweisse 5.2% Sold Out
  • Munchner 4.3% Mixing malty caramel sweetness with a distinctive German hops; a traditional beer is given a new lease of life with the spicy flavours of Belgian yeast. Sold Out
  • Rose & Ginger Wheat Beer 4.5% The unique aroma of roses is balanced by a subtle kick of fresh ginger. Sold Out
  • TringTring, Herts est. 1992 Donnerniederung 4.3% Delightful mahogany porter featuring a warming toffee and caramel scent and taste. Sold Out
  • Turpin'sCambridge, Cambs est. 2015 Autumn's Twilight 5.0% Fruit and spice highlight this quintessential Continental-style wheat beer. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Cambridge Black 4.6% A combination of coffee, coca and dark chocolate provide a refreshing beer with bold flavours, dark colours and a smooth finish. Sold Out

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Please note :-
The Cambridge Octoberfest is a small festival and thus it is unlikely that the status information will be updated once we have taken delivery of the beers.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.