38th Cambridge Beer Festival Cheese List

Please note :-
That all the cheeses ordered are subject to availability from suppliers and therefore may not be at the festival.
All cheeses we receive will be on sale at some point during the festival but it is not possible to have the full range available all the time. For this reason a selection of cheeses are displayed for you to choose from and this selection may change during each session depending on popularity.

Applewood WheelCow P VCreamy cheddar, smoked flavoured and coated in paprika.
Ashdown ForestersCow P V OA firm organic cheese.
AshmoreCow U VSuperb mature cheese.
Barkham BlueCow P VRich and creamy with spicy depth.
Barkham ChaseCow P VSoft blue-veined cheese with a strong creamy taste and a smooth, moist texture.
Beenleigh BlueSheep P VRich, sweet and crumbly with hints of burnt caramel.
BerkswellSheep USweet, nutty firm texture.
Black BomberSheep P VExtra mature cheddar.
Blacksticks BlueCow P VSemi-soft blue cheese with an outstanding creamy, smooth yet tangy flavour.
Cahill’s PorterCow P VFirm tangy Irish cheddar flavoured with porter.
Cashel BlueCow P VIreland’s first blue cheese. Creamy, dryish texture and a mellow flavour.
Celtic PromiseCow U VWashed in cider, it has an orange rind, supple texture and a spicy aromatic flavour.
Celtic Promise SmokedCow U VA rich intense oak-chip flavour but still retaining the creaminess of the original.
Cerney Pyramid AshGoat U VA coated semi-soft cheese fresh clean taste with floral notes.
Cheddar KeensCow UArtisan cheddar. Sweet, creamy and rich.
Cheddar MontgomeryCow URich and nutty. Unpasteurised and made with traditional rennet.
Cheddar TobermoryCow UClean, mouth-tingling acidity that is balanced by a texture softer than most cheddars.
Cheddar WestcombeCow UTraditionally made, cloth-bound to give it an earthy taste.
Cheddar with AleCow P V
Cheddar with PorterCow P V
Cheshire, Appelby’s RedCow U VCrumbly with a fresh, tangy flavour.
Cornish YargCow P VSemi-hard cheese that is creamy under the rind and crumbly in the centre. Wrapped in attractive silvery green nettle leaves, offering a delicate and unique flavour.
Cote Hill YellowSheep U VContinental style with a delicious soft aromatic flavour.
Cumberland SmokedCow U VA full, nutty, rounded flavour and a smooth buttery texture. Smoked over Cumbrian oak in the dairy’s own smokehouse.
Derby SageCow U VMelted butter taste with subtle flavour of fresh sage.
Devon BlueCow P VMoist and delicately crumbly with a lively bite from the blue.
Dorset Blue VinnyCow UA slightly crumbly blue cheese with a pleasantly soft taste.
Dorset DrumCow PMedium-strong flavour. Exceptionally sweet and tangy.
Dorset RedCowOak smoked and smooth.
Double Gloucester with ChivesCow PHard cheese with mellow flavour.
DuddleswellSheep P V OSmooth and creamy with a sweet nutty flavour
DurrusCow UIrish semi-soft low fat cheese with a rich buttery taste.
Exmoor BlueCow U VFairly firm-textured with sweet, buttery taste of rich milk with gentle herbal undertones.
Five Ashes Sussex FarmhouseCow USemi-hard cheese with a nutty flavour.
Golden CrossGoat UThese bloom-rinded logs are first coated in ash. They have a dense, even texture and a medium-strong flavour.
Goodweald SmokedCow U VRindless Olde Sussex, smoked over oak chippings giving a rich flavour.
GubeenCow P VA traditional cheese form Ireland with a washed rind.
Gubeen SmokedCow P VCreamy with lots of mushroom and nutty aftertastes, smoked over oak.
Harbourne BlueGoat P VFirm blue Goat cheese with a creamy, melting texture.
Hereford HopCow P VMellow sweet cheese covered with hops.
Isle of MullCow UDense farmhouse cheddar.
Keltic GoldCow P VSoft cheese with a creamy flavour washed in local cider three times a week to create an edible rind.
Lincolnshire PoacherCow UA soft cheese with earthy overtones.
MilleensCow P VA soft, washed rind cheese from South West Ireland. A rich floral taste with a firm creamy texture.
Monterey JackCow P VCreamy-white cheese with a smooth, open texture and a mild-to-mellow flavour.
Mrs Bells BlueSheep P VCreamy and smooth with blue veins dotted through.
Mull of KintyreCow P VMature Scottish cheddar with a strong flavour.
NorsworthyGoat U VMild tasting cheese that deepens and lingers on the palate.
Old WorcesterCow P VLovely cheddar-style cheese with a unique creamy texture that melts in the mouth.
Olde YorkSheep USimilar to Feta, but more moist. Creamy and soft.
Olde SussexCow U VFirm cheese with a full body and plenty of flavour.
Oxford BlueCow P VCreamy semi-soft blue cheese.
Shropshire BlueCow P VSimilar to Stilton but with an orange colouring, never actually made in Shropshire. Medium blue flavour with a firm, creamy texture.
Sussex SlipcoteSheep P OMoist with lemony fresh tang.
Somerset BrieCow VSoft mild cheese with Brie bloom.
Somerset CamembertCow VRich and creamy with a soft, edible white rind.
Spenwoodewe U VMoist and mild cheese with a delicate grassy tang.
Stilton Cropwell BishopCow P VFirm blue cheese.
Stilton with ApricotCow P VCrumbly white stilton with chopped Apricots.
Stinking BishopCow P VA semi-soft full fat rind washed cheese with a potent smell.
Sussex BrieCow UA sweet, supple, full flavoured cheese. Creamy and tasty.
Sussex ScrumpyCow U VAssertive herbs battle it out with cider and garlic in a strong cheddar-type cheese.
Swaledale SheepSheep P VFirm white cheese with a slightly salty taste.
TicklemoreGoat P VHerbaceous flavour with a hint of marzipan and crumbly texture.
Wedmore FarmhouseCow P VCaerphilly with chives.
Wensleydale SmokedCow P VA firm smoked cheese.
Wobbly Bottom ChilliGoatSoft Goat’s cheese rolled in chilli.
Wobbly Bottom GarlicGoatSoft Goat’s cheese rolled in roasted garlic.
Wobbly Bottom PepperGoatSoft Goat’s cheese rolled in green and red peppers.
Wobbly Bottom Pure PirtonGoatCamembert style Goat cheese.
Wobbly Bottom SmokedCowA smoked cheese.
Y-FenniCow VA mature cheddar cheese blended with whole-grain mustard and Welsh brown ale. Full, tangy flavour, moist texture, pale-yellow colouring speckled with the mustard grains.

P = Made with pasteurised milk
U = Made with unpasteurised milk
V = Made with vegetarian rennet
O = Organic

Please note : Details of the status of a product is only correct at the time of publication and is subject to change.