6th Cambridge Octoberfest Beer List

Please note :-
That all the beers ordered are subject to availability and therefore may not be at the festival.
We aim to have the vast majority of these beers available at all the sessions.
However, the nature of real ale means that some beer will not be ready at the start of the festival, and the nature of our thirsty customers means that not all beers will be available at the end of the festival.
The Cambridge Octoberfest is a small festival and thus it is unlikely that the status information will be updated once we have taken delivery of the beers.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.

  • BlackBarCambridge, Cambs est. 2011 44 4.4% Arrived
  • IPA Noire 5.0% A big hoppy, bitter black Indian Pale Ale. Brewed with only British Admiral, Beta and Pioneer hops. Arrived
  • Märzen 6.5% A beer that is traditionally brewed in March and released for the Oktoberfest at the end of September. Arrived
  • BrentwoodBrentwood, Essex est. 2006 Brentwood IPA 3.7% A lightly hopped pale session bitter. Arrived
  • BrewshedBury St. Edmunds, Suffolk est. 2011 Cloudy Summer 4.3% A cloudy classic wheat beer, similar in style to a traditional German witbier. Light use of hops mean this beer has very low bitterness and very little hop aroma. It has strong banana and clove characteristics on the nose and palate, largely due to the use of a special wheat beer yeast. Arrived
  • Pale Ale 3.9% A light golden, clean and refreshing pale ale. This beer has a simple light malt character balanced with enough hop complexity to create a distinctive and refreshing bite. Arrived
  • Dark StarPartridge Green, West Sussex est. 1994 Festival 5.0% Arrived
  • Fat CatNorwich, Norfolk est. 2005 Honey Cat 4.3% A golden coloured ale, combining the full flavour of English pale and crystal malts with Norfolk honey, giving a sweetish, yet full-flavoured ale. The spicy notes of Aurora hops combine well with the honey to give a smooth finish, with a notable, hoppy bite. Arrived
  • FellowsCottenham, Cambs est. 2009 Balmy Fellow 6.0% Ruby ale winter warmer with toffee and caramel malt flavours. Arrived
  • Crafty Fellow 4.0% A golden ale with light biscuity malt with plenty of fruity grapefruit and citrus. Arrived
  • Golden TriangleNorwich, Norfolk est. 2010 City Gold 3.8% Clear, pale golden with a creamy, lasting white head atop leaving a heavy lace. Crisp, zesty citrus profile. Toasty crispy underlying malt aromas. Lemon, delicate grapefruit, some toastiness and a pale malt sweetness. Soft palate, light to medium body, lingering dryish crisp & hoppy finish. Arrived
  • Harwich TownHarwich, Essex est. 2007 Märzen 5.2% A traditional spring brewed Bavarian beer, brewed for drinking in Autumn. Arrived
  • HopshackleMarket Deeping, Lincs est. 2006 Double Momentum 7.0% Based on the recipe for the very popular Momentum IPA but with twice the amount of hops added. It is a golden beer with an aroma of vinous fruit with a hoppy edge. It has a coarse white head and an intense taste of malt, fruit and alcohol with a bitter finish. This beer is conditioned for at least one month before release to allow the complex flavours to develop. Arrived
  • Harvest Ale 5.2% A green-hopped golden ale. Arrived
  • Hoptane 3.8% A golden ale tasting of tangy tart fruits with a dry finish. Arrived
  • Lord Conrad'sDry Drayton, Cambs est. 2010 Pheasant's Rise 5.0% Beechwood smoked malts warm the huntsman inside you and the thrice hopped finish will ruffle your feathers! Arrived
  • Stubble Burner 5.0% Strawy nose with a hoppy bite. Arrived
  • Zom Bier 4.4% A Halloween Special Made using German malts and hops. Real brain food! That will leave you staggering around for more! Arrived
  • MilestoneCromwell, Notts est. 2004 Olde English Ale 4.9% Full bodied winter warmer with a pleasing nutty finish. Arrived
  • Somers Wheat Beer 5.5% Classic Belgium style wheat beer. Arrived
  • Taeberry Bock 4.6% German style bock beer with fresh taeberries. Arrived
  • MiltonMilton, Cambs est. 1999 Pegasus 4.1% Fruit and some hops on the nose lead through into a fine balance of malt, fruit and hops on a bittersweet base. Malt is also present in the long, dry finish of this brown/red beer. Arrived
  • Saturnalia 5.3% Crisply hoppy, with powerful tropical fruit flavours and satisfyingly bitter finish. Arrived
  • Schwarzwälderkirschesdunkelbier 5.5% Be careful what you ask for... Arrived
  • MoonshineCambridge, Cambs est. 2004 Chocolate Orange Stout 6.7% A full bodied, rounded soft stout. Loaded with chocolate and coffee flavours with a good hop balance that has a hint of orange on the nose. Arrived
  • Molten Amber 4.1% Arrived
  • Sparkling Moon 3.6% Arrived
  • Slater'sStafford, Staffs est. 1995 Premium 4.4% Rich amber coloured beer with hints of caramel, malt and a complex fruit hop aroma developing into a bitter finish and balancing the well rounded "malty" mouthfeel. Arrived
  • Son of SidLittle Gransden, Cambs est. 2007 Bessies Best 6.0% Arrived
  • Festival Special 4.2% Arrived
  • Muck Cart Mild 3.5% A dark mild with a resounding roast malt presence and a caramel background. Arrived
  • The Red BreweryGt. Staughton, Huntingdonshire All Saints Ale 4.0% Premium ale, garnet, balanced hop, late hopped with Progress and Goldings. Blackcurrant. Arrived
  • Tydd SteamTydd St. Giles, Cambs est. 2007 Armageddon 5.0% Sweet malt flavours combine with a complex blend of fruity hops leading to a satisfying sweet finish. Arrived
  • Barn Ale 3.9% A golden bitter that has good biscuity malt aroma and flavour, balanced by spicy hops. Long, dry, fairly astringent finish. Arrived
  • The Leveller 4.5% Dark winter beer. Rich malt dominates this Porter style beer, giving light coffee/ chocolate flavours. Arrived

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Please note :-
The Cambridge Octoberfest is a small festival and thus it is unlikely that the status information will be updated once we have taken delivery of the beers.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.