17th Cambridge Winter Ale Festival Beer List

Please note :-
That all the beers ordered are subject to availability and therefore may not be at the festival.
We aim to have the vast majority of these beers available at all the sessions.
However, the nature of real ale means that some beer will not be ready at the start of the festival, and the nature of our thirsty customers means that not all beers will be available at the end of the festival.
Whilst we will endeavour to update this information, due to the relativity small nature of the festival, this may not be feasible.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.

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  • 1648East Hoathly, E. Sussex est. 2003 Ruby Mild 3.6% It is exactly what it is. Ruby and Mild! Sold Out
  • Winter Warrant 4.8% Very dark, rich ruby colour. Full bodied, deep intensity of coffee/chocolate/nutty flavours. A little remaining
  • ArundelArundel, W. Sussex est. 1992 Trident 5.0% An amber-coloured strong beer with a citrus, fruity aroma. The taste is clean and refreshing with a hoppy, fruity flavour and a pleasant dry bitter finish. A little remaining
  • BartramsRougham, Suffolk est. 1999 Comrade Santa Bartram's Egalitarian Anti-Imperialist Soviet (HO HO HO) Stout 8.0% Nearly finished!
  • Grozet 4.0% Using the Green Man as a base, gooseberries are added to give an extra dimension. Sold Out
  • Little Green Man 3.8% A golden bitter ale with the peppery and citrus tones of subtle coriander and hops, dry and bitter. Some beer remaining
  • Marld 3.4% A traditional mild, spicy hops and malt with a hint of chocolate, slightly smoky with a light roasted finish. A little remaining
  • Pulp Fiction 4.8% Bare whispers of roast and coffee. Subtle tangy fruits. Dry finish. Sold Out
  • Bath AlesWarmley, Bristol est. 1995 Barnsey 4.5% Rich in fruit with hints of chocolate, we've made Barnsey a full-bodied dark ale that is both complex and deeply satisfying. Some beer remaining
  • BattledownCheltenham, Glos est. 2005 Porter 4.5% Darker in colour, darker in taste, with echoes of the eighteenth century, deep red with a hint of coffee, velvety smooth and rich in malt. Nearly finished!
  • Bexar CountyPeterborough, Cambs est. 2012 Black Gold 6.5% This black export stout has it all... This beer is roasty and sweet up front leading to a hint of chocolate and coffee. Hints of liquorice run throughout. The finish is dry yet satisfying. This beer is quite sessionable for such a strong beer. A little remaining
  • San Jacinto 6.5% A true American styled IPA. The six hop additions lead to a well rounded IPA. At 69 IBUs, one might not think that this is overly hoppy, but with almost half of the hops being added at the knockout stage (and therefore not giving any ratable bitterness) the hops are there and in force! This IPA is big and delicious ... one not to be missed! Nearly finished!
  • BlackBarCambridge, Cambs est. 2011 Black Economy 4.6% A black ale - not a stout or a porter. For drinking when a blonde just doesn't cut it. Sold Out
  • BlackBar Bitter 3.6% A malty tawny brown bitter with a noble hop finish. Some beer remaining
  • Blacklight 4.0% A blonde beer for the spring, rich evening sun gold in colour with Cascade hops on the nose, Progress on the bitterness and a touch of Pioneer in the middle. A great transatlantic hop mix for the spring. A little remaining
  • Gurdon 5.5% Bog black stout. This beer starts with full malt flavours, runs though a hint of malty sweetness and finishes with a long dry, rye and tea finish. Bottom line: it's a big stout! Nearly finished!
  • Left Hand 4.0% A pale blonde, lager hopped on the nose and British hops on the bitter. A summer ale for long warm days. Sold Out
  • Märzen 6.0% A beer that is traditionally brewed in March and released for the Oktoberfest at the end of September. Some beer remaining
  • BlindmansLeighton, Somerset est. 2002 Eclipse 4.2% Porter, full of chocolate flavours and subtle bitterness A little remaining
  • Siberia 4.7% Traditional mid brown full bodied ale. Nearly finished!
  • Bowman AlesDroxford, Hants est. 2006 Nutz 5.0% Aroma of chestnuts, intriguing chestnut flavours and rather chestnutty in colour. Brewed with organic chestnuts from the farm of Patrice Duplan in the Ardeche region of France. A little remaining
  • Brecon BrewingBrecon, Powys est. 2011 Bright Beacons 4.5% A straw coloured best bitter, packed with a multitude of hops for full, satisfying drinking experience. A little remaining
  • Twilight Beacons 4.0% A dusky toned session ale with distinct hoppy finish - the ideal sun-downer! A little remaining
  • Burton BridgeBurton upon Trent, Staffs est. 1982 Bramble Stout 5.0% Strong chocolatey aroma with a hint of fruit leading to a full-bodied taste with a smooth bitterness. A little remaining
  • Old Expensive 6.5% Smooth & bitter with a barley wine taste. A little remaining
  • CairngormAviemore, Highland est. 1997 Bard's Ale 4.1% Malty, full bodied, Scottish style, chestnut brown ale. A little remaining
  • Winter Flurry 4.0% A classic light bodied bitter. This copper coloured beer has a delicate malt flavour and a hint of caramel from crystal grains. It is traditionally bittered with Goldings and has a dry slightly spicy finish. Sold Out
  • Castle RockNottingham, Notts est. 1997 Elsie Mo 4.7% Elsie Mo's name is derived from the low colour Maris Otter Malt from which she's exclusively brewed, and which gives her that tantalising golden hue. A blend of hops - Challenger predominating - tempts you with its aroma and leaves a pleasantly crisp aftertaste. A little remaining
  • CastorCastor, Cambs est. 2009 Falcon Stout 5.3% A rich, dark, creamy stout with chocolate and coffee undertones balanced by Phoenix hops. Some beer remaining
  • Cheddar AlesCheddar, Somerset est. 2006 Goat's Leap 5.5% Goat's Leap is a contemporary IPA that stays close to the style's traditional roots. Full-bodied, strong and with a striking bitter finish, it's a big beer brimming with hop character. Goat's Leap is brewed using the best quality Maris Otter and Crystal malts and hopped with a blend of English whole hops. A little remaining
  • Dark StarPartridge Green, West Sussex est. 1994 American Pale Ale 4.7% Includes Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops and a yeast strain specially imported from the USA. The low colour Maris Otter malt provides a perfect light colour and dryness to complement the crisp taste and full aroma of the hops. Sold Out
  • Hophead 3.8% An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops. Sold Out
  • Smoked Porter 5.4% A porter with a hint of smoked malt. Some beer remaining
  • Exe ValleySilverton, Devon est. 1984 Devon Dawn 4.5% Well rounded, darker beer brewed to celebrate the New Year. A little remaining
  • Winter Glow 6.0% Dark, strong and warming; a traditional old ale. A little remaining
  • ExmoorWiveliscombe, Somerset est. 1980 Dark 4.2% A well-balanced dark beer with an enticing, spicy aroma and malty, slightly sweet, biscuity flavour, leading to a fruity aftertaste. A little remaining
  • FellowsCottenham, Cambs est. 2009 Balmy Fellow 6.0% Ruby ale winter warmer with toffee and caramel malt flavours. A little remaining
  • Full English 3.8% Mid brown bitter ale. A bitter-sweet malty flavour first. Late hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness. Sold Out
  • Pepys' Ink 4.5% An English stout with a bitter chocolate and espresso base followed by a smoother sweet malt softness. Nearly finished!
  • GrainAlburgh, Norfolk est. 2006 3.1.6 3.9% Brewed with lager malt and ludicrously light, "3.1.6" has a glorious hoppy nose and taste. A little remaining
  • Porter 5.2% An old-style porter. Smooth and creamy, with the flavour of dark berries. Sold Out
  • Great WesternBristol est. 2007 Edwins Ruby Porter 5.2% A rich and satisfying porter, dark in colour with hints of rich browns and reds. First taste shows a mouth feel that is smooth with a soft creamy head that purveys a pleasant malty aroma. Sold Out
  • Old Higby 4.8% Brewed using Boadicea hops, this dark full bodied ale is packed full of flavour. Some beer remaining
  • HopshackleMarket Deeping, Lincs est. 2006 Fire Belly 7.0% Amber in colour, this is a Double Imperial IPA loaded with hop oils and resins with a malty background. A little remaining
  • Hoptane 3.8% A golden ale tasting of tangy tart fruits with a dry finish. Sold Out
  • Wallop 4.3% A hybrid beer based on a dry stout recipe but hopped like an IPA. This beer is black in colour and tastes of roasted malts, citrus and tropical fruits. A little remaining
  • Humpty DumptyReedham, Norfolk est. 1998 Porter 5.4% Traditional porter giving a full roast aroma with hints of liquorice on the tongue and a dry, bitter finish. Nearly finished!
  • KelburnGlasgow est. 2002 Ca' Canny 5.2% A rich, ark ale, combining a fusion of coffee and chocolate with a deep, fruity aftertaste. A little remaining
  • Kelham IslandSheffield, S. Yorks est. 1990 Pale Rider 5.2% A pale ale brewed with the finest British Maris Otter malt and a blend of the best hops the USA has to offer. A delightful moreish beer where a berry fruit and citrus aroma mingles with juicy malt tones. Delicate and sweet on a palate complimenting the resounding concerto of flavours. A little remaining
  • KentWest Malling, Kent est. 2010 Enigma 5.5% A highly hopped dark ale with a soft malt body and balanced finish. A true Enigma... A little remaining
  • Lees JWMiddleton, Greater Manchester est. 1828 Gold Standard 4.0% This top-notch crisp, citrus ale is brewed with Galena hops for a bittering, fruity flavour then Brewer's Gold as the late hop, to give it its crispness. A little remaining
  • Lord Conrad'sDry Drayton, Cambs est. 2010 Lickety Split 3.8% Dark brown ale with a full on bitterness. A little remaining
  • Zulu 4.5% An exotic black beer made using hibiscus extract. UK assured malted barley roasted until black giving this a beautiful colour. Nearly finished!
  • Mauldon'sSudbury, Suffolk est. 1982 Eatanswill Old 4.0% Taking its name from the title given to Sudbury by Dickens in Pickwick Papers, this is a winter ale of deep red and brown hue. It has a well balanced fruit and malt plus a slight sweetness on the palate ending in a pleasant roast bitterness. A little remaining
  • Mile TreeWisbech, Cambs est. 2012 Adventurer 4.0% A little remaining
  • MiltonMilton, Cambs est. 1999 Mammon 7.0% Hugely flavoursome, rich and warming - this dark and mysterious brew is the ideal beer for a chill winter evening. A little remaining
  • Marcus Aurelius 7.5% Imperial Roman Stout - an enormous, luscious and velvety stout. Bursting with dark, roasty flavour with an underlying vanilla richness. Nearly finished!
  • Minotaur 3.3% A rich dark mild with bags of character from the lavish use of chocolate malt. A little remaining
  • Penguin Paralyser 5.2% Sold Out
  • Tiki 3.8% Fruity golden ale, with a pronounced apricot character and a lasting bitter finish. Some beer remaining
  • MoonshineCambridge, Cambs est. 2004 Barton Bitter 4.0% A little remaining
  • Black Hole Stout 5.0% Full-bodied stout with a complex malt and caramel profile, dry-roasted bitter flavour that is rich, smooth and long lasting. Some beer remaining
  • Heavenly Matter 4.1% A clear pale golden ale. Some beer remaining
  • Ison 8.0% Mahogany coloured Imperial IPA. Aroma of sweet fruity hops with a taste of soft sweetness quickly overtaken by huge hop punch of fruity and bittering hops. Dry, bitter finish. A little remaining
  • Limitless Abundance 10.0% Oak aged imperial stout. Nearly finished!
  • OakleafGosport, Hants est. 2000 Piston Porter 4.6% A dry, rich Porter. With initial chocolate and toffee flavours, this finishes with a liquorice and dry roast taste, leaving a lingering bitterness. A little remaining
  • PhoenixHeywood, Lancs est. 1982 Porter 5.0% Some beer remaining
  • ProspectStandish, Lancs est. 2007 Big John 4.8% A dark stout bursting with a smokey liquorice flavour and a satisfying bitter aftertaste. A little remaining
  • Pickaxe 5.0% A full bodied porter with a rich complex flavours with hints of chocolate. A little remaining
  • Purple MoosePorthmadog, Gwynedd est. 2005 Dark Side of the Moose 4.6% A delicious dark ale with a deep malt flavour from roasted barley and a fruity bitterness from Bramling Cross hops. Nearly finished!
  • QuartzKings Bromley, Staffs est. 2005 Quartz Cracker 5.0% Dark Winter Ale. A little remaining
  • Red BreweryGreat Staughton, Cambs est. 2012 Georgie's Pebble 3.5% Dark mild, light hop, late hopped with Boadicea. Blackcurrant and Chocolate. Some beer remaining
  • Porter 5.0% A little remaining
  • Staughton Bitter 4.0% Copper coloured, hoppy, late hopped with Boadicea and Progress. Light fruit. Some beer remaining
  • Valhalla 5.5% Premium bitter. Bronze coloured strong bitter, balanced hop, late hopped with Progress and First Gold. A little remaining
  • SalopianShrewsbury, Shrops est. 1995 Golden Thread 5.0% A triple hopping of English First Gold gives powerful citrussy flavours and vinous aromas, however the malt grist of barley, wheat and lager gives plenty of body and sweetness which balances the assertive bitterness. A little remaining
  • Spectrum 4.2% A little remaining
  • Son of SidLittle Gransden, Cambs est. 2007 Bee Sting Bitter 3.7% Light and hoppy session ale. The name was inspired by the experiences of the brewer creating the beer in a brewery next to four beehives. Unlike the brewer, no bees were harmed in the making of this beer. A little remaining
  • Chequered Past 5.0% Autumn red beer flavoured with the fruit of the Wild Service Tree, also known traditionally as Chequers Berries. It is thought to be the origin of the pub name “Chequers” and has nothing to do with the brewer’s CV. A little remaining
  • English Ale 3.7% English Ale was first brewed to celebrate the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Maris Otter malt gives English Ale a sweetness, reminiscent of the Duchess. English hops give a bitter taste, representing the Duke’s opinion of the press. A little remaining
  • Golden Shower 4.1% Full bodied golden ale with a light hop character and a defined maltiness leading to a lingering bitter finish. A little remaining
  • Muck Cart Mild 3.5% A dark mild with a resounding roast malt presence and a caramel background. Some beer remaining
  • South HamsStokenham, Devon est. 2004 Sutton Comfort 4.5% Sweet brown ale. With notes of malt, grassy and a bit peppery, some orange peel and general fruitiness. A little remaining
  • SpringheadLaneham, Notts est. 1990 Roaring Meg 5.5% A smooth golden beer with a sweet, citrus honey aroma and a long dry finish. A little remaining
  • Strathaven AlesStrathaven, S. Lanarkshire est. 2005 Craigmill Mild 3.5% A well balanced dark mild with a rich chocolate aroma. A blend of American hops give this ale a subtle lingering orange zest aftertaste. Nearly finished!
  • Winter Glow 5.0% This rarely brewed, but massively popular seasonal ale is a nutty brown colour, flavoured with cinnamon and tangerine zest. A little remaining
  • SummerskillsPlymouth, Devon est. 1983 Indiana's Bones 5.6% A rich dark winter warmer, soft chocolate in the mouth with characteristic Goldings aromas. A little remaining
  • Whistlebelly Vengeance 4.7% A dark ruby beer full of dark malt character, aromas of rich dark malt and hops, the mouth is dominated with hops, dark malt and liquorice. Some beer remaining
  • Sunny RepublicBlandford, Dorset est. 2012 St. Wite's Ale 5.0% A British first for a Winter Ale. A Winter Warmer fermented with a Trappiste yeast strain imported from Rocheforte abbey. Based on the Dorset Cross recipe with some Bamberg Cara Aroma malt thrown in for good measure, this is a surprisingly easy drinking beer for such a complex Christmas pudding of a beer. Yummy fruit notes give way to rewarding and complex malt base. A little remaining
  • Three CastlesPewsey, Wiltshire est. 2006 Knights Porter 4.6% A rich smooth black beer, using a good balance of dark malts. Hints of spicy dark fruits in the flavour, giving way to a hoppy bitterness in the aftertaste. Sold Out
  • TitanicBurslem, Stoke on Trent, Staffs est. 1985 Full Steam Ahead 4.4% As the New Year begins launch yourself into this pale ruby coloured beer. Well balanced and rounded this beer is perfect for getting you to your destination fast. A little remaining
  • Iron Curtain 6.0% Imperial Russian Stout was originally brewed for the court of Catherine II, brewed using the finest ingredients including Roast Barley which gives rich body to the beer and a huge charge of hops to give powerful bitterness the beer reflects the opulence of the Royal Court. Sold Out
  • Tydd SteamTydd St. Giles, Cambs est. 2007 Neanderthal 4.5% A golden premium ale, heavily hopped with a blend of American citrus hops (originally brewed as festival special at Peterborough beer festival 2009). Some beer remaining
  • Stargazer 4.2% Deep golden best bitter heavily hopped with American Simcoe and Summit hops. A little remaining
  • WadworthDevizes, Wilts est. 1875 Old Timer 5.8% Rich copper brown in colour with a strong malty aroma and a full bodied, intense flavour. A little remaining
  • WharfeBankWharfedale, W. Yorks est. 2010 Hops of the world: Goldings 4.3% Some beer remaining
  • Nala 5.2% A strong pale ale with a powerful hop aroma from the Nelson Sauvin hops, named after the brewery dog. A little remaining
  • WJ KingHorsham, W. Sussex est. 2001 Winter's Tale 4.1% This pale gold bitter is an appealing alternative to the usual array of dark winter warmers available at this time of year. The nose is of delightful citrus hops together with a light malty aroma. Winter's Tale has a clean crisp but dry palate from the use of wheat malt. The bitterness builds into the aftertaste with spicy Goldings hops developing. A little remaining
  • Wood'sCraven Arms, Shrops est. 1980 Old Fireside 5.5% An alternative ruby coloured winter warmer. A little remaining
  • WylamNewcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear est. 2000 Haugh 4.6% A dark satisfying porter, smooth, full of character and complex flavours - hints of chocolate, liquorice and malt. Made with roast, crystal and pale malts and Wye Target and Goldings hops. A little remaining
  • Yeovil AlesYeovil, Somerset est. 2006 Ruby 4.5% A premium red bitter with rich malt depth. The smooth palate is pronounced by English hops giving the trademark Yeovil Ales aromatic signature. A little remaining

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Please note :-
Whilst we will endeavour to update this information, due to the relativity small nature of the festival, this may not be feasible.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.