19th Cambridge Winter Ale Festival Beer List

Please note :-
That all the beers ordered are subject to availability and therefore may not be at the festival.
We aim to have the vast majority of these beers available at all the sessions.
However, the nature of real ale means that some beer will not be ready at the start of the festival, and the nature of our thirsty customers means that not all beers will be available at the end of the festival.
Whilst we will endeavour to update this information, due to the relativity small nature of the festival, this may not be feasible.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.

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  • BartramsRougham, Suffolk est. 1999 Black Forest Porter 4.5% Lashings of cherry and chocolate. Sold Out
  • Comrade Bill Bartram's Egalitarian Anti-Imperialist Soviet Stout 6.9% A bold and tasty Russian stout with a mouthfilling, airy texture and a lot of enjoyable, peppery, bitter chocolate flavours. Sold Out
  • Rougham Ready 3.8% A light crisp bitter, surprisingly full-bodied for its strength. Sold Out
  • Zodiac 4.2% Light, refreshing hoppy bitter with a hint of blackcurrant. Sold Out
  • Bexar CountyPeterborough, Cambs est. 2012 El Ultimo Adiós 7.7% Sold Out
  • Holy Mole 5.5% An unconventional beer with a hint of sweetness Sold Out
  • Poquito Poco 2.5% A little remaining
  • Sacred 4.5% Sold Out
  • Un Poquito Pequeño 2.8% Sold Out
  • BlackBarHarston, Cambs est. 2011 Bitter 3.6% Malty, tawny brown bitter with a noble hop finish. A little remaining
  • Blacklight 4.0% A blonde beer for the spring, rich evening sun gold in colour with Cascade hops on the nose, Progress on the bitterness and a touch of Pioneer in the middle. A great transatlantic hop mix for the spring. Nearly finished!
  • Porteur 4.0% This porter was brewed for the Maypole pub for their beer festival which runs along side the Cambridge Beer Festival every year. A malty session porter. Nearly finished!
  • Calverley'sCambridge, Cambs est. 2014 Best Bitter 4.8% A smooth amber ale, with a good balance of malt and subtle bittering hops. Sold Out
  • Citra Pale Ale 4.7% A hop-forward citrusy pale, good bitter with a dry finish. Sold Out
  • Thirst Born 3.7% Honeyed sweetness with a subtle touch of spice. A refreshing session beer. Sold Out
  • Cambridge Brewing CompanyCambridge, Cambs est. 2013 Dark & Dangerous 6.2% Sold Out
  • Crafty BeersGreat Wilbraham, Cambs est. 2012 Carpenter's Cask 4.2% A traditional best bitter, made from a blend of four malts, with a smooth malty taste, moderate bitter notes and plenty of East Kent Goldings hops on the nose. Sold Out
  • Mild Mannered 3.5% A dark mild with a pleasant balance of sweet malt and tempered bitterness. Sold Out
  • Sauvignon Blonde 4.4% Aromatic golden ale brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand, which create characteristics reminiscent of the Kiwis' most famous wine. Sold Out
  • Fat CatNorwich, Norfolk est. 2005 Hell Cat 4.1% Ale with a light, fruity base from local English barley, and a kick from the blend of American hops, packed with bright, citrus flavours. Sold Out
  • Honey Cat 4.3% A golden coloured ale, combining the full flavour of English pale and crystal malts with Norfolk honey, giving a sweetish, yet full-flavoured ale. The spicy notes of Aurora hops combine well with the honey to give a smooth finish, with a notable, hoppy bite. Sold Out
  • FellowsCottenham, Cambs est. 2009 Old Fellow Double Stout 7.4% Rich black stout. Smooth chocolate leads to a bitterness in the finish. Well balanced. Sold Out
  • Gyle 59Thorncombe, Dorset est. 2013 Dorset GIPA 5.4% This is a Ginger IPA. The beer has a subtle infusion of root ginger giving the IPA a refreshing and spicy addition to the citrus and floral taste and aroma provided by the hops. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Elderbeery Stout 7.0% A seasonal special for the colder months. A robust and complex stout with the addition of hedgerow elderberries collected from around the brewery. The result is a morish warming beer reminiscent of burnt toast, jam and dark chocolate spread. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Freedom Hiker 3.7% A session bitter based loosely on an 1800's recipe, with Australian hops (Ella) for additional flavour and aroma. A fruity and floral aroma is enhanced by coffee malt flavours and a long bitter finish. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Pale & Bitter 5.0% A pale ale with a dry bitter finish. Pacific Gem and Centennial hops give a refreshing lemon citrus flavour and aroma. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Starstruck 6.6% This is our porter, The Favourite, enhanced with a subtle addition of star anise. This addition gives the rich and fruity porter an extra complexity with a gentle hint of liquorice. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Toujours 4.0% This is a Saison. It has its roots in a long tradition of Belgian farmhouse ales. The mixture of Pale and Vienna malts combine with three different English and German hops to perfectly complement the earthy, peppery and spicy yeast flavours. Unfined. Sold Out
  • HopshackleMarket Deeping, Lincs est. 2006 Double Momentum 7.0% Based on the recipe for the very popular Momentum IPA but with twice the amount of hops added. It is a golden beer with an aroma of vinous fruit with a hoppy edge. It has a coarse white head and an intense taste of malt, fruit and alcohol with a bitter finish. This beer is conditioned for at least one month before release to allow the complex flavours to develop. Sold Out
  • Red Ale 4.3% Initial crispness leads to bitter notes in the finish. Sold Out
  • Simarillo 3.8% Citrusy pale straw ale with a balanced bitterness and a touch of sweetness. Sold Out
  • Zen 3.8% Amber brown in colour. Malt and bitter sweet flavours with background toffee and a dry finish. Sold Out
  • KCBKing's Cliffe, Northants est. 2014 66 ° 4.6% Hoppy burnished gold with a hint of butterscotch. Sold Out
  • No. 10 4.0% An amber coloured malty ale made with crystal malt and four different hops. Sold Out
  • P51 5.1% Christmas pudding combines with a dark roast character and a floral hint in the nose. Sold Out
  • Lord Conrad'sDry Drayton, Cambs est. 2010 Slap 'n' Tickle 4.3% A summer blonde ale. Tickle your fancy with a slap of summer refreshment. This light ale is brewed with a single hop in three stages to give a lasting finish. Sold Out
  • Spiffing Wheeze 3.9% Pale ale with crisp bite and mellow floral, peppery notes. Sold Out
  • Zulu 4.5% An exotic black beer made using hibiscus extract. UK assured malted barley roasted until black giving this a beautiful colour. Sold Out
  • Zulu Dawn 3.5% Dark with red highlights. Citrus bitterness on a malty base. Sold Out
  • Mile TreeWisbech, Cambs est. 2012 Larksong 4.5% Clean, crisp ale with floral notes ascending and a hint of toffee rising in harmony. Sold Out
  • Vanilla Stout 4.3% Robust dark ale with a crescendo of vanilla from nose through taste to finish. Sold Out
  • Winter Ale 5.4% Rich fruity taste featuring treacle and chocolate, complemented by a malty finish. Sold Out
  • MiltonWaterbeach, Cambs est. 1999 Cyclops 5.3% Deep copper-coloured ale, with a rich hoppy aroma and full body; fruit and malt notes develop in the finish. Sold Out
  • Justinian 3.9% Crisp pale gold-coloured bitter. Attractive bitter orange flavours persist into a satisfying lasting finish. A little remaining
  • Mammon 7.0% Hugely flavoursome, rich and warming - this dark and mysterious brew is the ideal beer for a chill winter evening. Sold Out
  • Medusa 4.6% Strong mild. Cocoa, vanilla and fruitcake aromas are backed by a satisfying yet subtle bitterness. Very drinkable. Sold Out
  • Orpheus 4.2% Full flavoured mild ale with rich chocolate and malt notes, hints of vanilla. Sold Out
  • Sparta 4.3% Refreshing pale bitter. Packed with hop flavours and crisp bitterness. A little remaining
  • MoonshineFulbourn, Cambs est. 2004 Barton Bitter 4.0% Medium bodied copper coloured session bitter. Nearly finished!
  • Cambridge Pale Ale 3.8% Straw coloured beer with a smooth malt profile which is complemented by a restrained hop flavour. Sold Out
  • Chocolate Orange Stout 6.7% A full bodied, rounded soft stout. Loaded with chocolate and coffee flavours with a good hop balance that has a hint of orange on the nose. Sold Out
  • Heavenly Matter 4.1% A refreshing golden session bitter, with a fresh citrus taste and a lovely finish of citrus fruits. Sold Out
  • Hog Hopper 4.3% Notes of sultanas and treacle give this tawny ale a suggestion of the Belgian style. Sold Out
  • Octobeer 4.3% Rich German-style beer. Tastes of treacle, dried fruit and garibaldi biscuits. Sold Out
  • Red Watch Blueberry Ale 4.2% A red-coloured beer brewed with fresh blueberries. A thirst-quenching, refreshing, fruity ale. Sold Out
  • Sabik Steam Beer 6.0% Copper coloured beer. Malt & fruit pastel aromas lead to palatable hoppy flavoured beer which finishes with a lingering bitter finish. Sold Out
  • Wheat Wine Ale 10.2% Barley Wine made with wheat instead of barley. Sold Out
  • Winter Fair 3.9% Chestnut coloured seasonal special beer at session strength. Nearly finished!
  • Nene Valley BreweryOundle, Northants est. 2011 Bible Black 6.5% Lavish chocolate porter. Rich and dark with sweet cocoa and dark malt aromas. Gives way to roasted grains and chocolate with coffee. Sold Out
  • Dark Horse 3.8% A dark ruby ale with roasted grains giving hints of chocolate, coffee and maybe even liquorice. Sold Out
  • DXB 4.6% Dick's Extraordinary Bitter: Chestnut in colour with plenty of maltiness. Balanced with late-hopped spicy character. Sold Out
  • Fenland Farmhouse Saison 7.2% A complex and extremely refreshing new world Saison with spicy clove notes and a fruity citrus aroma. The tartness of the beer balances well with the moderate spicy and citrus notes imparted from the Chinook hops. Sold Out
  • Son of SidLittle Gransden, Cambs est. 2007 English Ale 3.7% English Ale was first brewed to celebrate the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Maris Otter malt gives English Ale a sweetness, reminiscent of the Duchess. English hops give a bitter taste, representing the Duke's opinion of the press. Nearly finished!
  • First of the Winter Beer 4.7% A smooth ale with classic winter spices -- cinnamon, clove, nutmeg -- and a hint of orange. Sold Out
  • Golden Shower 4.1% This easy drinking, slightly hoppy ale was named in honour of one of Gordon Brown's fiscal masterstrokes: selling all our gold at the bottom of the market. Some beer remaining
  • Mulled Mild 3.8% Classic mild with a little wintery twist. Sold Out
  • StarMarket Deeping, Lincs est. 2012 Meteor 4.0% A traditional style amber-coloured bitter blending four different malts for a clean, balanced flavour with three UK hop varieties to add subtle hop aromas. Sold Out
  • Winter Ale 4.6% Rich chestnut winter ale. Sold Out
  • Three Blind MiceLittle Downham, Cambs est. 2014 Black Bank Porter 4.7% Smooth, coffee, chocolate, nice bitter finish. Sold Out
  • Generation Red 4.5% Sold Out
  • Simple Simcoe Says 4.9% Very heavily hopped! Sold Out
  • Town MillLyme Regis, Dorset est. 2010 Cobb 3.9% Brewed using Pale, Crystal and Amber malts togther with Fuggles and Goldings hops. An amber/brown bitter with a full flavour and traditional tasting fruity hop finish. Sold Out
  • Granny's Teeth 6.0% Brewed using Maris Otter Pale and Amber malts together with Fuggles and Bramling Cross hops. An amber/brown hoppy Winter Special with a distinctive bitter character. Sold Out
  • Lucy's Sledge 4.8% Brewed using Pale, Crystal and Amber malts together with Perle hops and our brewer's unique spice mix. An amber Christmas Ale with a pronounced spiced orange aroma and cinnamon after taste. Sold Out
  • Lyme Gold 4.2% Brewed using Maris Otter Pale Malt together with Cascade and Bobek hops. A pale summer ale. Easy drinking with a refreshing citrus aroma. Sold Out
  • Revenge 5.3% Brewed using Maris Otter Pale and Amber malts together with Fuggles and Cascade hops. A traditional IPA with a well balanced hop and spiced fruit flavour. Sold Out
  • Town Mill Best 4.5% reddish brown, nutty flavour Sold Out

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Please note :-
Whilst we will endeavour to update this information, due to the relativity small nature of the festival, this may not be feasible.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.