20th Cambridge Winter Ale Festival Beer List

Please note :-
That all the beers ordered are subject to availability and therefore may not be at the festival.
We aim to have the vast majority of these beers available at all the sessions.
However, the nature of real ale means that some beer will not be ready at the start of the festival, and the nature of our thirsty customers means that not all beers will be available at the end of the festival.
Whilst we will endeavour to update this information, due to the relativity small nature of the festival, this may not be feasible.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.

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  • AdnamsSouthwold, Suffolk est. 1890 American IPA 4.8% Golden beer with fragrant citrus/floral aromas and a deep citrus bitterness. Sold Out
  • Tally-Ho 7.0% Brewed with pale ale, crystal and brown malts. Tally-Ho is dark mahogany red in colour with a rich, fruity aroma and a heart warming sweet raisin and biscuit palate. Sold Out
  • AtomHull, E. Yorks est. 2013 Bragg's Law 5.2% Bright copper Australian hopped pale ale with intense waves of passion fruit, mango and citrus hop flavours, plus juicy topical fruits, peach and oranges, a peppery edge, defined bitterness and solid caramel malt notes. Sold Out
  • Dark Alchemy 4.9% Combines a rich complex malt bill with the bitterness and aroma from lots of cardamon and coriander and no hops, to create a porter rich in body, super smooth and brimming with character. Sold Out
  • BartramsRougham, Suffolk est. 1999 Black Forest Porter 4.5% Lashings of cherry and chocolate. Suitable for vegans. Sold Out
  • Damson Porter 5.2% Sold Out
  • Green Man 4.0% A full bodied golden bitter, peaches and oranges on the nose and on the palate with a fruity spicy finish. Sold Out
  • BlackBarHarston, Cambs est. 2011 Bitter 3.6% Malty, tawny brown bitter with a noble hop finish. Some beer remaining
  • Dovestep 3.6% A nice summer session beer with rosemary and bay. Unfined; suitable for vegans. Sold Out
  • Theory 243 3.9% A pale beer made from oats Sold Out
  • Theory 251 5.2% Cocoa and honey dark beer Sold Out
  • Buffy'sTivetshall St. Mary, Norfolk est. 1993 Ale 5.1% Redcurrant aroma and plenty of toffee notes. Sold Out
  • Beagle 4.0% Pale straw colour, with hints of honey and grapefruit. Sold Out
  • Festival 9X 9.0% Deep burnished copper in colour. A serious and complex malty bitter. Sold Out
  • Mild 4.2% Light-bodied, tawny, with caramel undertones. Sold Out
  • Norfolk Terrier 3.8% Light amber sesion bitter, suitable for quaffing Sold Out
  • CloudwaterManchester est. 2015 Brown Ale 4.8% Delightful brown beer with slightly nutty malt and some light fruity hops. Sold Out
  • ESB (Winter 2015/16) 6.5% Robust yet easy-drinking amber ale with a rich resinous hop profile. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Hibernate 10.1% Imperial stout for winter 2015-16. Intensely full-bodied, with lots of treacle punctuated by floral and smoky hints. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Crafty BeersGreat Wilbraham, Cambs est. 2012 Carpenter's Cask 4.2% A traditional best bitter, made from a blend of four malts, with a smooth malty taste, moderate bitter notes and plenty of East Kent Goldings hops on the nose. Sold Out
  • Wilbraham 4.2% Amber ale with rich malt flavours and good balancing bitterness. Subtle hop aroma with the characteristic earthy notes of Fuggles. Sold Out
  • DominionMoreton, Essex est. 2012 The Few 3.5% Pale ale brewed to an old Cobbold recipe. Golden colour with refreshing dry floral flavours and a hint of citrus. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Woodbine Racer 4.2% A golden beer using only American hops. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Yukon Gold 9.7% Brewed with 100% Maris Otter pale malt with Bullion and Bramling Cross hops. It is matured in cognac casks and acquires an aroma of oranges and cream. The taste is of sweet malt with a rounded bitterness. Unfined. Sold Out
  • FernandesWakefield, W. Yorks est. 1996 Swift One 3.8% Gold, easy-drinking, fruity hops. Sold Out
  • Five PointsLondon est. 2013 Railway Porter 4.8% A Porter in the classic London style with our own twist. Aromas of chocolate and coffee with hints of caramel, brewed with British East Kent Goldings hops. Sold Out
  • Green JackLowestoft, Suffolk est. 2003 Mahseer IPA 5.8% India Pale Ale as it was always intended to be: strong, bitter and very hoppy! Brewed with English bittering hops and American aroma hops, a winning combination. Sold Out
  • Orange Wheat 4.2% A light wheat beer with grainy citrus & marmalade flavours. Now brewed with Citra Hops! Sold Out
  • Red Herring 5.0% A rich fruity red ale brewed with Oak and Beech smoked malt giving the beer a subtle smokey flavor with a dry smokey finish. Sold Out
  • Ripper 8.5% Inspired by Belgian tripel ales. Rich amber in colour Ripper is sweet and fruity with a warming finish. Sold Out
  • HammertonLondon est. 2014 Life on Mars 4.6% Red ale brewed with a mix of English and German malts giving the beer a taste of berry and caramel and a deep ruby appearance. Sold Out
  • N1 4.1% A session pale ale with a variety of fruity and aromatic hops from around the globe. The malt and hop combination creates an interesting flavourful thirst-quenching beer. Sold Out
  • Raunch Red 4.1% Crisp red ale with hops in the nose and taste, and a slightly smoky finish. A little remaining
  • HardknottMillom, Cumbria est. 2005 Nuclear Sunset 4.7% Wheat beer brewed using orange peel, orange juice coriander and nutmeg. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Humpty DumptyReedham, Norfolk est. 1998 Christmas Crack 7.0% A strong dark brown ale with an American hop profile - a cracker of a beer! Sold Out
  • LaconsGreat Yarmouth, Norfolk est. 2013 Audit 8.0% This strong dark copper barley wine has a prominent flavour of berry fruit, laced with pronounced spice. The finish is warming, smooth and sweet. A unique style of beer with 'hop wine' overtones. Sold Out
  • Falcon 4.2% A classic dark bitter with an auburn glint. Elaborately balanced use of hops and malt paves the way to complex flavours which are charming and lightly spiced. Sold Out
  • Pale Ale 3.9% Vintage styled and distinctively balanced with a vivid golden tint. An aroma of crisp fruit greets the nose, rolling into a profound wave of melon and grapefruit. The finish is gracious and bitter sweet. Sold Out
  • Lord Conrad'sDry Drayton, Cambs est. 2010 Spiffing Wheeze 3.9% Pale ale with crisp bite and mellow floral, peppery notes. Nearly finished!
  • Stubble Burner 5.0% Strawy nose with a hoppy bite. Sold Out
  • Tangerine Dream 3.8% Tasty with a subtle tangerine undercurrent. Sold Out
  • Zulu Dawn 3.5% Dark with red highlights. Citrus bitterness on a malty base. Sold Out
  • MallinsonsHuddersfield, W. Yorks est. 2008 Chinook Summit 4.1% This is a dual hopped pale ale with a fresh light hop aroma from the use of Summit hops late in the brewing process. Chinook hops are used to provide a smooth hoppy bitterness and a long intense bitter finish. Sold Out
  • Sorachi Ace 4.2% Pale ale featuring the scent and flavour of fresh-cut oak. Sold Out
  • MiltonWaterbeach, Cambs est. 1999 Medusa 4.6% Strong mild. Cocoa, vanilla and fruitcake aromas are backed by a satisfying yet subtle bitterness. Very drinkable. Sold Out
  • Minotaur 3.3% A rich dark mild with bags of character from the lavish use of chocolate malt. Nearly finished!
  • MoonshineFulbourn, Cambs est. 2004 10th Moon: Speciality IPA 7.5% Brewed on October's Full Moon. Sold Out
  • 11th Moon: Cascadian Black 6.6% Brewed on November's Full Moon. Roast malts balanced with hops yield a smooth, full-bodied beer. Unfined. Sold Out
  • 8th Moon: Sundowner 3.6% Brewed on August's Full Moon. Light amber session ale with prominent malt and subtle hop flavours. Contains rye. Nearly finished!
  • Cambridge Pale Ale 3.8% Pale coloured ale: a well balanced beer with a smooth malt profile that is complemented by a restrained hop flavour. Sold Out
  • Harvest Moon Mild 3.9% Distinctive dark mild. Smooth fruit notes combining with coffee and chocolate flavours, lightly hopped. A well balanced beer, slightly sweet with plenty of character. Sold Out
  • Once in a Blue Moon 4.5% Flavoursome, rich-bodied chestnut coloured beer. Challenger, Columbus and Pilgrim hops balance out the malt undertones of this eagerly awaited biennial beer. Sold Out
  • New RiverHoddesdon, Hertfortshire est. 2015 Blind Poet 4.5% New beer! Rich, biscuity malt and a dry finish. Sold Out
  • Five-Inch Drop 4.6% A fine India Pale Ale made with selected malts and hops from the UK, New Zealand and the USA creating fresh citrus and pine needle flavours. Sold Out
  • London Tap 3.8% Thirst-quenching modern pale ale. Bursting with delicious hoppiness it delivers a clean, dry, refreshing taste. Sold Out
  • Riverbed Red 4.2% A full-flavoured amber ale made with speciality malts from Germany, balanced by a rich mix of international hops. Sold Out
  • Pig & PorterRoyal Tunbridge Wells, Kent est. 2013 Neither Nor 5.0% A pale ale brewed with a lager yeast. Features piney and citrussy hops while the lager yeast lends a crispness often lacking in other pale ales. Sold Out
  • PitfieldNorth Weald, Essex est. 1981 Pitfield Bitter 3.7% An excellent session ale with good balance between fruity hop notes and malty undertones. A little remaining
  • Rat BreweryHuddersfield, W. Yorks est. 2011 Rat Hole 4.3% Pale fruity bitter with white winey aroma. Sold Out
  • White Rat 4.0% Crisp, clean pale ale with refreshing floral and citrus hop notes. Sold Out
  • Red FoxCoggeshall, Essex est. 2008 BFG 5.0% Black Forest Gateau. Cherry chocolate easy-drinking stout. Sold Out
  • Ruby Red 6.9% A full mash mild with a range of complex malted barleys and good old-fashioned Fuggle hops. Sold Out
  • RedemptionTottenham, London est. 2010 Fellowship Porter 5.1% Dark brown colour with chocolate, coffee, liquorice and some dry roasted malts flavours complemented with hints of dark fruit. Generous late hopping adds a hint of zest and initially sweetness fades into restrained bitter finish. Sold Out
  • Hopspur 4.5% Dark amber, packed full of hops in the aroma. Grapefruit hops continue in the body. Fruity, clean and refreshing. Sold Out
  • Rock the Kazbek 4.0% Blonde ale single hopped with Czech Kazbek hop for refreshing zesty lemon, lime and grapefruit flavours with delicate lemon aroma. Sold Out
  • Trinity 3.0% Very refreshing golden beer with strong citrus notes throughout. The strong bitterness is softened by a little sweet malt character that is also present in the aftertaste with a lingering dryness. A little remaining
  • RedwillowMacclesfield, Cheshire est. 2010 Directionless 4.2% A balanced and easy drinking session ale, warm amber in colour, made with Amarillo and Centennial hops providing a subtle candied orange fruitiness. Sold Out
  • Faithless 48 5.2% Full-flavoured Nelson Sauvin IPA from the brewery's experimental range. Sold Out
  • SirenFinchampstead, Berkshire est. 2013 Dinner for Ten 4.1% Vienna pale ale with floral and fruity hop flavours. Sold Out
  • Son of SidLittle Gransden, Cambs est. 2007 Bee Sting Bitter 3.6% Light and hoppy session ale. The name was inspired by the experiences of the brewer creating the beer in a brewery next to four beehives. Unlike the brewer, no bees were harmed in the making of this beer. Sold Out
  • English Ale 3.8% English Ale was first brewed to celebrate the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Maris Otter malt gives English Ale a sweetness, reminiscent of the Duchess. English hops give a bitter taste, representing the Duke's opinion of the press. Sold Out
  • Muck Cart Mild 3.5% Smooth dark mild with a long liquorice finish. Roast and fruit aroma, with chocolate and coffee taste, and lingering roast finish. Sold Out
  • StringersUlverston, Cumbria est. 2008 (From) Bauhaus (to Our House) 4.7% Pale, crisp beer with lager malt. Refreshing lemony and grassy hops. Sold Out
  • The North (Will Rise Again) 4.9% Amber/red, herbal hop aroma, touch of sweetness and a tangy bitter finish. Single hop - Northern Brewer. Gluten free. Nearly finished!
  • Turbine Porter 5.1% Porter, darkest ruby. Caramel, dried fruit, light smoke, nutty. Gluten free. Sold Out
  • ThornbridgeBakewell, Derbyshire est. 2004 Cocoa Wonderland 6.8% A full bodied, robust porter with natural mocha malt flavours from the complex malt grist, complementing the decadent additions of real chocolate to the maturation process. Sold Out
  • Three Blind MiceLittle Downham, Cambs est. 2014 Mucky Puffin 6.5% Beech smoked oatmeal stout. Sold Out
  • Wheat Widow 5.4% Wheat IPA. Unfined. Sold Out
  • Weird BeardLondon est. 2013 No More Bright Ideas 7.3% An India Brown Ale, brewed with Muscovado sugar and cacao nibs. Hoppy enough to bridge the chocolatey sweetness and subtle liquorice Sold Out
  • Pankot Palace 5.4% A masala chai milk stout. Cinnamon, clove, cardamon & ginger heaven. Suitable for vegans (non-isiglass finings). Sold Out
  • Wild WeatherSilchester, Hampshire est. 2012 Message in a Potel 7.5% A massive, full bodied oversize stout. Brewed in collaboration with Waen Brewery. Sold Out
  • Stormbringer 4.5% A premium ale which delivers a smooth, distinctive malty base with a lovely rich balance of well developed hop flavours. Sold Out
  • Take No Prisoners 5.5% Modern IPA with plenty of hops and a lasting finish. Sold Out

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Please note :-
Whilst we will endeavour to update this information, due to the relativity small nature of the festival, this may not be feasible.
All information on this page is only correct at the time of publication and is liable and subject to change.